Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My First Holiday Experience In Hospital - Part 2

Thanks God, I've been out from the hospital last night. This post is a continuation of my last story about my first holiday experience in hospital. I'm glad for not having serious injury in my internal organ. Just like my first doctor at the beginning, my last doctor also told me that i got infection at my stomach. But he said not to worry about that injury, but focus on how you treat your body next. And then, the hospital also gave me several 'gifts'. Something that every person hate, "Drugs". Damn, i have to finish my treatment at home, eat correctly, and take the medicine on time.

Before leave, i was shocked about the payment. Well, just 2 days of vacation here, but it cost a lot. I won't mention the exact number here, but i give a clue : several millions rupiahs not dollars. Expensive huh?! The most thing i hate, there was a administration fee 7.5%. I think it's similar with the tax. People must pay tax because of their sickness. Dumb. Maybe i shouldn't worry about that, because i think my company will pay it for me. But still, it is not the true meaning. We should manage and treat our body well. We should keep our balance between life, jobs and health. Stay healthy. :)