Thursday, April 17, 2014

Elicitation Result Confirmation - Business Analysis

Finally we arrive on the last sub-chapter of "Elicitation".  Starts with preparation, conduction, documentation, and last is confirmation. Like other regular and common activities, confirmation is clearly needed. This confirmation will be a ticket for Business Analysis to move forward into the new level. Here is the summary taken from BABOK. Happy reading.

3.4 Confirm Elicitation Results

Validate that the stated requirements expressed by the stakeholder match the stakeholder's understanding of the problem and the stakeholder's needs.

Some elicitation techniques benefit from reviewing the documented outputs with the stakeholders to ensure that the analyst's understanding conforms to the actual desires or intentions of the stakeholder.

Requirements [Stated, Unconfirmed] : Represent the BA's understanding of the stakeholder's intentions.

Stakeholders Concerns [Unconfirmed]
: Represent the BA's understanding of issues identified by the stakeholder, risks, assumptions, constraints, and other relevant information that may be used in business analysis.

Refer to the description of the relevant technique for unique aspects of confirming the results of the Interview and Observation techniques.

  • Interview (9.14)
  • Observation (9.18)
Any stakeholder who has participated in other elicitation tasks may participate in this task.

Requirements [Stated, Confirmed] : Identical to Requirements [Stated] for all practical purposes, including use as an input to other tasks.

Stakeholder Concerns [Confirmed] : Identical to Stakeholder Concerns for all practical purposes, including use as an input to other tasks.


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