Thursday, June 26, 2014

Everything Has Beauty, But Not Everyone Sees It.

This quote was come from a big wallpaper when I was visiting a mall. It might be related with fashion or accessories. The first of the sentence is very attractive. Everything has beauty. Not only everything but everyone has beauty. God give each of us uniqueness and talents. In my perspective, most of us can reveal the strong point of ourselves. Some are not, so that's why there is a person called psychologist. For the people who have already know their identity, they should improve and maintain their beauty and strong points, meanwhile they also train their weakness.

At the end of this quote, the sentence contains a character and behavior that show respect against each other. Previously I said that most of us is not understand well about ourselves, so it's not wonder that we must respect each other. Everybody and everything has a beauty and value that we need to see. Sometimes it's very hard and we have to see from another point of view to see that beauty. It's important so we won't judge by something we cannot see completely. A wise measurement must be assessed based on only 1 point of view but whole picture of it in order to create harmony between us.

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