Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Business Intelligence Adventure - BI FAQ

This post will discuss about my Business Intelligence adventure. I see BI as a new growing product in Indonesia. Previously, I've discussed about : what is BI, benefits and project methodology. For those who have forgotten or haven't read about my posts, please read it in the link attached above. Next, i will tell you more about my experience in BI implementation.

In big picture, people here (Indonesia) know BI is a tool to make reports or dashboard automatically, not as a solution to improve their business. Creating automated reports is only a feature that offered by all BI  vendors. Regardless of all other features, this is indeed the most important aspect. Why? Manual process before the BI is very risky. All processes are still done by the individual or team that requires quite a lot  processing time and certainly needs to be accompanied by cautiousness. With the system, all of these things can be minimized.

Hmm, why even I discuss about the advantages again? Hahaha. The previous paragraph is the BI perception of most people that i've asked before when they want to implement BI in their company. Even more extreme, some of them even do not understand what the BI is.

Here are FAQ about BI :
It all comes from user who do not understand IT. If i explain like my previous post, they all will be dizzy. Hahahaha. At least one thing is learned from the Indonesian people user, they don't want to know about the product capability technically, they just want to know that the product should be able to replace their work on certain parts. Hopefully someday i can have a foreign client, in order to make comparisons.

Everything I wrote above is my personal subjective based on 3x implement BI project and some other projects. Stay tuned for more discussion about each detail of above FAQ in the next post. I would like to apologize if there are any mistake in this post. Thank your for reading this article. :)