Thursday, December 19, 2013

Work HARD, Work SMART, TEAM Work

The title of this post may be very popular in some or even all circles. I think this title is a principle. For some people, I think they do not like hard work and prefer smart work and team work. Some people may choose different things. I think nothing is wrong or right.

If I am required to make the working sequence, then the result is thus:

Smart Work > Team Work > Hard Work

Why do I put such sequence?
  • We have to be smart in facing everything, whether life and work.
  • We have to be smart in choosing what is right and what is not.
  • We have to be smart in deciding which are profitable and what is not.
  • We have to be smart in doing what is meaningful and what is not.
I have a principle that everything that I could do by myself, I have to do it by myself and do not trouble others. If I do not work smart, I would end up burdening others. Before we co-operate, we must intelligently choose the person who will be our input in the team. We also have to be smart to identify the skills and personality of the person.

My job environment requires me to work closely with various parties, both internal company and external company. To achieve a result, required cooperation between the parties involved. As good TL / Team Leader, I am also require to maintain the harmony and stability of the team. Support and cooperation of all members is absolutely needed to the achieve an expected results.

When we are in a team, then the sequence may be changed to:

Team Work > Smart Work > Hard Work

Why? Because the result will be seen as a team achievement, not the individually. Each person will have a role that support that achievement. That role is require smart work. I am absolutely sure there is nobody who is an expert in all areas. God gives each person a unique talents. And finally, as part of a team, we demanded responsibility to provide the best for our team.

Finally, hard work is avoided by some people. If you can work smart and do team work, why hard work? Sometimes I also choose such principle. But circumstances could make it to be different. We are required to do more than smart, more than teamwork, that is hard work. For me, hard work must be done if we want something more, excellence. To achieve the desired results, it will require sacrifices, hard work is the answer.

This article is my personal writing that inspired from my experiences. I would like to ask for your forgiveness if there are any wrong words or less pleasing. Hopefully it is useful. Thank you. 

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