Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Good evening people. In this life, we face a lot of things. Many things cannot be controlled by us, it is given. The other things happen and controlled by us, it is a choice. Let me give you some example of things that cannot be controlled, it is where we were born and where we come from. Next, some example of what we can control, what is our job and what we choose to be. Don't waste your time trying to change something given.

As a human, we learn how to live, we learn how to survive and we learn how to enjoy this life. It is about learning. Why we are learning? Because we do not understand everything about this life, especially things that haven't happened.
You will never truly understand something until it actually happens to you.

I think the quote above is very true. It is very hard to understand something that haven't happened. It is extremely hard to imagine something in a whole picture. The sense of happiness, sadness, curiosity, loss, gratitude, etc won't be the same and maybe different when something happens to us directly. After all, it will become history, and we will gain the understanding. I prefer to call it experience. That experience will be something that we can share with others to help them understand the pieces of understanding.

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