Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015 - Set Up Your Direction

Happy New Year 2015... I wish that this year will be better than 2014. So in this first post of 2015, I would like to share my planning. I am guided by "Stage of Life"'s Goal Setting Worksheet given by my community friend. It is so helpful and interesting. So here are my Goal Summary : 

Step 1. Health & Wellness Goals
  • Weight Goal : 75 - 80 kgs
  • Fitness Goal : Running / Jogging at least once a month
  • Decrease food/drink consumption of the following : Soda & Sugar Things
  • Increase food/drink consumption of the following: Vegetables & Fruits
  • Eliminate unhealthy habits: Late sleep. Go to sleep < 12 am
Step 2. New Frontier Goals
  • This year, I will try martial arts.
Step 3. Financial Goals :
  • Still no debts.
  • Increase my saving and grow my investment minimal 25% by the end of this year.
Step 4. Education Goals :
  • I will learn more about business development and strategy.
Step 5. Home Improvement Goals
  • Planning to move from the current boarding house to a more strategic location.
Step 6. Travel Goals
  • I will have a trip to abroad and a domestic trip.
Step 7. Family & Friends Goals
  • Friends : Have a nice trip with my friends.
  • Family : Have a holiday trip together with my family.
Step 8. Community & Philanthropic Goals
  • I don't think that I will be volunteer this year, but maybe I will start to join or attend my church community about deeper bible.
Step 9. Personal Goals
  • I will finish several plan that carried over to this year, realize my dream. 
  • Grow my career higher to the next level.
  • Build a better quality relationship with my surroundings.
Step 10: Long Term Goals
  •  *Secret*
Direction is so much more important than speed. Many are going nowhere fast.

Last but not least, set up your direction with good planning and don't forget to involve God.
Finally, lets enjoy our new year holiday. 
Thank you for reading my post. 
Wish u have a great plan and execution. God bless. :)

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