Friday, March 8, 2013

Jakarta, One Year Already I Have Been Here (English)

I think that the title doesn't quite fit with the Indonesian Version. I'm sorry but the story must go on.

March 2013, exactly one year ago, the same month I stepped my feet in Jakarta. Well it was not the first time for me stood here in the capital of Indonesia. Formerly quite often I stopped by here, but merely as travelers. It felt very different, stood here because of the unusual reasons. My reason was to look for a plate of rice with side dishes and a handful of gold and diamond. Sounds like exaggerated, but that was fate and determination of a student who has just graduated from college and struggling to prove what has been accomplished before to others, friends, family and of course yourself.

Heat and jams of Jakarta at that time felt different. Armed with enough pocket money, my high school friendship and Google advices, my spirit burns away my fear against the famous cruelty in the capital. Luxurious and sophisticated skyscrapers, wide streets still remembered by my head. I still remembered the atmosphere of psychological and interview process that made wondered and ​​chuckled. Starting from an odd question test, too easy question, friendly company staff till mannerless staff to me as a FG (Fresh Graduate) who recently felt the life of Jakarta. 

While writing this story, I recalled that in the same period, the first time where I was deceived by a blue taxi drivers, the most famous taxi on the streets of Jakarta. Either the driver intends to deceive or his ignorance which acted calm and clever. I was felt so angry at the time. Continuing my story at the time, while diving drinking water (Indonesian's Proverb), a proverb that always remembered and also been implemented during the past year in Jakarta. I was spare a little time to visit some mall or place to hang out although i had to take a test or interview on the next day. Plaza Semanggi, Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, Central Park, Senayan City, Plaza Senayan, Epicentrum, Festival Market, and  other places that I visited at that time, just simply to threw away my curiosity or spent the time.

One year has passed, somehow the past memory is still recorded in my minds and heart. A small piece of my life story that i will never forget. I also wanna share it with my spouse and descendants later. Still holding the same determination with that time, my spirit continously grow, despite the ups and downs of life and the colors of my life accompany me here. But one thing that I believe, that my past, present, and future life is not a coincidence. I believe that God has planned everything in my life, whether it's small or big thing. :)