Monday, March 11, 2013

You're The Only One

Since you have steal my heart again, I always think how I can fix this thing once again..

Is it true that love can cure all my hurt?!

Maybe this is my fate.. Loving you it hurts sometimes..

Do I ever hurt you?!
Do I ever lie to you?!
No words said when I asked why..

Don't never try to hurt my heart again!!
I am just an ordinary human..

I hope you'll get someone that love you more than me..
But I will not just standing here without doing something for you..

I always fighting for my love..
I believed someday you will change..

You may run away from me but I always waiting for you here..
I always pray to God to send me a girl that love me with all I have..
Until then, I will protect this love inside my heart, because my love to you never die..

Waiting for the right time, I just want you know that you're the only one..
I wanna be with you forever..

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