Monday, March 11, 2013

How To Fix - Unknown / Forget Blackberry ID

Well, this topic inspired by my last problem on my blackberry.

Just for you guys know : I got my blackberry from the prize last year. Until last week, I have no problems about the application, because I only use my blackberry for BBM and Twitter. But suddenly, 'Uber Social' forced me to update the application. Damn, I tried to create a new BlackBerry ID, but it cannot associated with my phone. Luckily, I found some instructions on the forum. Now I want to share here:
  1. Press the BB button
  2. Select "Options" from the menu
  3. Select " Applications" from the menu - a new screen should appear
  4. Make sure to change the button option in the top right hand corner from "third-party" to "Add-ons"
  5. A list will appear with BlackBerry Identity in it - select this option
  6. Press the DELETE button - it will as you if you are sure you want to delete - select YES
  7. You will be advised that the device needs to be restarted for the change to take effect and asks if you and to restart now - if you are ready, select "yes"
  8. Your device will now be restarted
  9. Once restarted, go to your BlackBerry App World icon and select the "My World" button
  10. The following message will appear " A BlackBerry Identity update is needed.  Would you like to install it now?"  Select "Yes" - the device will take some time to download/install the updated ID
  11. When downloaded this message will appear "A restart is required for changed to take effect" - select "Restart Now"
  12. The device will display "resetting now" for a couple of seconds and will then reboot.
  13. Once rebooted, go back to your BlackBerry App World icon and select the "My World" button
  14. It will give you the BlackBerry ID sign in page with a blank ID username field - enter your new username and password
  15. A new screen will appear telling you that "Your BlackBerry ID will be associated with this smartphone. Your Internet email accounts, as well as some apps and services will be automatically be transferred. In some cases, email won't be sent to your previous smartphone anymore".   Select Continue
  16. The standard BB agreement page will appear - scroll down and select I Accept
  17. It should works. :)