Thursday, March 7, 2013

Vision & Mission (English)

Vision & Mission (English)

Through this post, I want to share my personal vision & mission. Just info, i created my vision & mission when graduating college & looking for work. Yes, initially i didn't occur how important this is, but now my vision & mission led me forward.

Understanding Vision (According to KBBI = Indonesian Big Dictionary) :
  1. The ability to look at the heart of the matters.
  2. Insight or foresight.
  3. The ability to feel something that invisible through subtlety of mental and visual acuity.
***Maybe no 2 & 3 fit with the definition of vision in general.

My Vision : Being a successful & useful person for families, environments, and others.

For me success enjoyed by yourself is not a success and i wouldn't feel it as a success. Real success is when we share our success and other people say that we are successful, not ego or our own thoughts. Other people for me could be anyone, but for me the important thing is family. 

The success in family is a reflection and our foundation for success in bigger size. In fact , the are also many successful person outside, example : business and works, but failed in their internal family. But i believe and surveys prove that many more people are successful in the family are also successful in business and works. :D

Understanding Mision (According to KBBI = Indonesian Big Dictionary) :
  1. Delegation sent in by one country to another to perform a specific task dl diplomatic, political, trade, art, etc. 
  2. The task that perceived as an obligation to do so for the sake of religion, ideology, patriotism, etc. 
  3. Kris activities to spread the Good News (Gospel) and founded the local congregation, on the basis of the mission as a continuation of the mission of Christ.
***Perhaps from 3 definitions above, no definition of mission that fits my thinking. Mission is something that we do to achieve and realize our vision. I got this sense from my high school teacher if i wasn't wrong. Thanks to my teacher. :)

My Mission : Strive to provide the best of me and continually learning from life.

In accordance with the definition of the mission ***, here i try to figure out what I must do to support my vision. The simple answer that comes to my mind : trying to give the best or strive to provide the best. Yes at the first time just only that one phrase. I believe that by always providing the best then we will continue to unleash the potential that lies within us to reach the target and resolve the issues that are in front of our eyes.

Second sentence to complete previous missions: continually learning from life. Why? Simple, life will always running and changing. Without us knowing, actually adaptation is a lesson but it is forced. Continuous learning in my side is voluntary, develop ourselves and make a change for the better life, not only as a follower of life but a trendsetter. It starts with small things that maybe only seen by our friend, example : dispose of waste in place. Perhaps the world was first introduce about it, but not necessarily all of our friends to do so. : P

That's just my exposure about my own vision and mission.
So discover your own vision and mission.
Regards. :)