Sunday, March 10, 2013

Loyalty, Integrity, Commitment (English)

3 words that are related and have very similar meanings. Similar but not the same. The words are inspired from my conversation with one of my client in project. He is a man that I respect as a client and as individuals that certainly have more life insight than me as a young man.

KBBI Version (Indonesian Big Dictionary)
  • Loyalty : Obedience; Allegiance.
  • Integrity : Quality, nature, or circumstances that indicate intact unity so it has the potential and ability to emit authority; Honesty.
  • Commitment : Agreement (Bond) to do something; Contract.
Oxford Version
  • Loyalty : A strong feeling of support or allegiance.
  • Integrity : The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; The state of being whole and undivided.
  • Commitment : The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity; an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.
My Version and explanation :

Loyalty : a strong feeling about support, obedience, and allegiance. (Mixed from 2 version above)

Personally i think that loyalty definitely has something to be the benchmark. For example money, boss, attention, etc. When i earned enough salary, i could loyal and obedient to the task. When my boss still the being a person i liked, I will always be loyal and obedient to the company, when I get married, I will be faithful to my spouse and love her consistently. I've read that there is a close relationship between loyalty and heart. (emotion or feeling) As we know, human beings tend to be fragile and vulnerable to emotions or feelings. Therefore not surprising that in fact that some loyalties are temporary.

Commitment : based on a joint understanding of the two versions, Indonesia and the Oxford dictionary, commitment refers to the agreement, contract, or a condition in which a bond and obligation that restricts freedom of action.

Based on explanations above,  commitment in my opinion is the willingness and sincerity  to carry out the obligations that have been promised or agreed. Of course it raises the limits or rules that eventually restrict one's freedom. It's called  responsibility. Oyaaa, that commitment often born because of loyalty, even though in reality it could be done without loyalty.

Commitment is also closely related to the logic and thought. Real example is when a person who has graduated college and get a lot of job offers. Finally, in consideration of the salary, benefits and work life later, he decided to join even though he had moved to the city where the company is located. These considerations are the logic, and the decision to work at the company is called commitment, and moved to the city is a form of boundary and responsibility. And the most important is a form of commitment : completing all the work and orders of the company well.

Integrity : Oxford & Indonesian dictionary holds the same sight about the integrity : the unity and honesty. Full definition : Unity and honesty are accompanied by strong principles, that produce quality and strong potential.

People out there saying that it's important to have integrity. Integrity is a reflection of someone's identity. In addition there are many who say that integrity is loyalty + commitment. And I also agree on that. Loyalty which spawned the discipline and consistency, commitment spawned honesty and responsibility, where everything are the foundation of producing quality. Thus when we talk about integrity, it means we're talking about unity of heart and logic.

Conclusion :
Integrity > Commitment > Loyalty
Integrity = Commitment + Loyalty
Integrity = Quality