Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stakeholder Map From DTA & BABOK

This post is some definition and technique taken from Design Thinker Academy and IIBA about stakeholder map. This technique is related with stakeholder analysis. I put some picture taken from 'Google' to enable us understand more about it.

Design Thinker Academy :

In it’s simplest form Stakeholder Mapping will help you to quickly create an overview, an helicopter view, of the stakeholders in your eco-system. An oversight many organizations, or departments do not have visualized and made explicit. It’s an easy way to visualize and understand more of the context you operate in and the eco-system in which value is being created for all stakeholders. It will also allow your team to have conversations and get a shared understanding, develop a shared language, vision and decide on the most important areas for further exploration.


Stakeholder maps are visual diagrams that depict the relationship of stakeholders to the solution and to one another. There are many forms of stakeholder map, but two common ones include :

#A matrix mapping the level of stakeholder influence against the level of stakeholder interest.

#An onion diagram indicating how involved the stakeholder is with the solution (which stakeholders will directly interact with the solution or participate in a business process, which are part of the larger organization, and which are outside the organization)

Example : 

 Stakeholder Onion Diagram
Stakeholder Matrix

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