Sunday, July 6, 2014

A New Journey... Welcome To Business Development

Good evening... First of all, I wanna thank God for everything that He gave to me. I wanna thank my family and friend who always support me. Tonight I wanna share about my story related my job. You can see here my previous post, about my story of 2 years journey in current company. Start from this month, my role in the office has changed. I have moved to Business Development Division under Banking, Telco, Mobility & Others Department. I'm still incharge in my previous department , Business Application Solution and Services department as "Project Manager and Advisor."

A lot of great experiences I have earn from my last department, from technical skills, soft skills and awards. Thank you for my boss, section head and my team. Finally, the time has come for me to take a leap into something that I wish before. My passion is about business. I hope this journey could equip me with abilities and knowledges about development, complement my technicals, and move forward to be a consultant that not only know about technicals but also business and it's development. For my new boss and team, I beg for your help and guidance to able me through this journey.

Quote : 
"The harder you work on something, the greater you'll feel when you finally achieve it."

What I've been through is not come easily. It takes dream, plan, and action till this moment. From the beginning, I always push my self to do something smarter and harder, so I won't regret what I've done, learn more from my failures and feel something great when I finally achieve it. It take cost for everything, but don't worry for everything. Just do what you can do, believe in yourself, keep learning, stay humble and lean on God for everything. God bless you.

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